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Global Manhattan Project/
Mission to Planet Earth

“Indeed, the economy and the environment need not be seen in opposition"

-Jacob Rothschild

Its time for a Global Manhattan Project to save what's left of our planet and our civilization from near certain destruction.

As the Hopi Prophecy Rock in Oraibi, Arizona USA correctly predicates, there are 2 paths humanity now treads. The first, backed by the current corporate/governmental structures of tyranny, oppression and destructive violence, eventually leads to extinction. This is the path a large part of humanity now currently treads. The second path is marked by environmental stewardship, sustainability and proper human living on the land, which, in turn, leads to peace, continuity, tranquility and survival for all life on Earth. This is the path that few today tread. The battle for planetary salvation is now being fought between these 2 prophetical paths. In the balance is the extinction or survival of the human species on Earth, no more, no less.

A Global Manhattan Project is now required to transform humanity away from planetary extinction and shift it onto a path of planetary survival. This will require a number of front line intiatives. The first and foremost concerns the critical topic of energy. We must rapidly and expeditiously abandon the current hydrocarbon economy (which has created the #1 international security threat to human civilization: global warming) and quickly move into a new non-polluting free energy economy (zero-point and antigravitic energy for power and propulsion uses, respectively). Second, we must formulate and enforce a global "1 child per family" population policy within every nation on Earth to stabilize and reduce global population numbers over time. Human civilization is in classic overshoot as population pressures are the primary driving forces of nearly all of the global environmental destruction we are currently witnessing today on the planet. Third, and most importantly, its time to TERMINATE the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex. We need to re-direct funds away from weapons and warfare (since war is now obselete) and, instead, re-invest those finances (along with scientific, cultural, intellectual and spiritual talent) into building a sustainable and survivable Global Green World Order for Mankind. In order to accomplish this goal, it will require a Global Manhattan Project/ A New Mission To Planet Earth, supported and endorsed by every major nation on the planet.

The internal combustion engine and the hydrocarbon economy are literally destroying the Earth. This entire multi-trillion dollar oil and gas infrastructure needs to be dismantled and completely done away with, permanently. The new energy paradigm of free energy technologies (zero-point and anti-gravity) will free humanity from the congestion, frustration, sprawl and utter dysfunctionality it has unfortunately shackled itself with regarding fossil fuel energy sources. Zero point energy will provide every single man, woman and child on Earth with free, unlimited, non-polluting electrical energy. Anti-gravitic technology will elevate the transportation/mobility grid to a new 3rd dimensional air/sky transportation series of corridors run by computer technology (the self-driving cars are currently spearheading this revolution). This will free up the land base below to a more natural, more tranquil, less stressful living environment filled with bike paths, pedestrian walkways, parks, 10 minute tube trains, gardens, playgrounds, cafes, waterfalls, flower fields, art scultures, fruit tree orchards, outdoor concerts etc... Such an arrangement is a desperately needed restorative/regenerative/replacement environment that will superceed the highly destructive, unnatural, chaotic amalgamation of cars, trucks, buses, stop lights, parking lots, urban sprawl and congestion that has now infested our communities.

In the area of water, world water shortages are coming in quickly. It has been estimated that by 2025, one-third of humanity will lack access to clean, drinkable water. Part of the Global Manhattan Project will be to bring in technology which draws filtered water in from the surrounding air any place on Earth. Mass producing these devices and distributing this technology to the world's masses will put a permanent end to water scarcity, thus ensuring the natural right to clean water for every man, woman and child on the planet. These atmospheric water drawing technologies and devices are available now, can operate in any environment (even in dry, desert areas) and will literally solve the global water scarcity crisis that now currently plagues humanity.

With regards to food, a Global Manhattan Project will mandate an end to the current meat-based food economy. The wholesale slaughter and consumption of billions of animals will be outlawed. Humanity will shift into a new plant-based vegetarian/vegan lifestyle which honors and protects the global environment. Today, the meat and dairy industries are the prime causes of global climate change. This international security threat will be mitigated by making a much needed shift out of a primarily meat-based diet and into a largely vegan/vegetarian diet for the masses of humanity.

The central core component of a Global Manhattan Project to save what's left of our planet can be defined as a coherent and comprehensive: Mission to Planet Earth. As Al Gore correctly noted in his book, "Earth in the Balance", there is a great need for humanity to develop a 'Strategic Environment Initiative' with the objective of preserving and protecting the environmental resource base through which all life on Earth ultimately depends. In such a vision, it is the international global environmental security paradigm that overrides and superceeds the failed and highly antiquated 'weapons and warfare' paradigm. Los Alamos, Sandia and Lawrwence Livermore National Laboratories in the USA would do well to spearhead a new green based sustainability revolution, with particular emphasis on the mechanisms for comprehensive planet management of the world's resources and the restoration and protection of our damaged biosphere.

Over $700 billion US dollars are completely wasted annually funding the US military. This is an obscene amount of money that SHOULD be invested in bringing real human, social and environmental peace and security to the peoples and nations of the world. $700 billion US dollars could provide every man, woman and child on Earth with clean water, abundant food, free health care, free transportation, free education, free energy and a just and sustainable living environment for generations to come. The US politicians, corporations, administrators and international bankers who currently fuel and fund this Global War Machine- when war is essentially obselete in the 21st century- need to be physically arrested, prosecuted (by the International Criminal Court) and imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives for the international war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide they are committing today that results in the needless deaths of at least 40 million innocent men, women and children on the planet (that's over 6 jewish holocausts annually) from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition. A mature, advanced and intelligent global civilization cannot and will not tolerate this level of abuse, negligence, needless suffering and callous disregard for the poor, hungry, homeless and destitute of our world.

In order for a Global Manhattan Project to be successful, every single overmilitarized, nationalistic, fascist police state in every nation in the world needs to be dismantled and permanently put out of business. All of the surveillance cameras, all of the prisons, all of the corrupt courts, all of the internet censorship and illegal spying, all of the police state oppression of the people, and, most importantly, all of the businesses, government institutions and corporations that profit and gain power in the areas of local, state and federal state security need to be unequivacably terminated and thrown into the dustbin of human history.

The international security issues of the 21st century are environmental, not military oriented. War, guns, bombs and missiles will not solve the threat of global climate change, for example. What is needed now is a whole new full scale re-orientation and re-booting of the collective consciousness of humanity away from warmongering and militarism and towards a new ethic of stewardship and environmental preservation and management of the biosphere. It is the global environment that must now take center stage in world affairs.

The United States of America, today, is a cancer upon the body politic of the world in the areas of militarism, warmongering, economic and environmental exploitation and destruction and fascist nazi style police state oppression. If this nation does not evolve out of its psychotic obsession with its ultra right wing, mafia style, control, oppression, spying and digital enslavement of the masses, then it will be the right and the obligation of the international community to bring down this nation by any and all means necessary, such as with an electromagnetic pulse EMP blast {Target: Denver, Colorado}. The world cannot and will not tolerate a retrograde nationalistic level of consciousness contrary to the level of consciousness and intelligence that is now required for humanity to evolve towards a sustainability revolution for the planet. The establishment of a Global Green World Order for Mankind is now the dominant paradigm needed in order for the human species to survive the 21st century. All obstacles and nations that stand in the way of this supreme evolutionary trajectory must, and will most likely, be terminated (with extreme prejiduce).

The final and most critical plank necessary for the successful implementation of a Global Manhattan Project for human civilization and the planet concerns the issues of spirituality, faith and what is generally referred to as "religion". Simply put, religion is our connection to the divine. Call it higher consciousness, a supreme being or divine intelligence, religion puts us in touch with our higher selves. It is this very domain that the collective consciousness of humanity can draw upon to help us evolve into a newer, better, more advanced human civilization. Between 1/2 to 2/3rds of humanity on Earth today are adherents of one or more of the 3 great world monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Taken together as ONE FAITH, these 3 great world religions have provided the human species with the very foundation stone that will be needed to create a Global Green World Order for Mankind. With divine inspiration from a magnificant, just and merciful GOD, human society can learn to tread the path of sustainability, planet management and species survival. If we fail to set the foundation stone for world peace through religion, we will most likely continue to descend down the terminal path of our own eventual extinction.

In summation, a Global Manhattan Project is now the necessary catalyst needed to wrench humanity off its current trajectory of civilizational and ecocidal destruction and collapse. We will make the quantum jump to hyperspace and higher evolutionary advancement or we will perish in the ignorance of our own folly. Willingly, with the formation of a life-affirming Global Green World Order, or per-force, with the projected destruction and protracted extinction of human society, the current hydrocarbon based, corporate controlled, military-industrial-intelligence-security complex is coming to a quick and bitter end. Like a spiritual dagger being thrust into the very heart of the New World Order police state, it is more than assured that "business as usual" cannot and will not continue forth in our world today any longer. Welcome to the next stage in progressive human evolution..

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Truchas, New Mexico

January 1, 2019

Hopi Prophecy Rock, Oraibi, Arizona USA


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