May 14 2019

University of California
1111 Frankin St
Oakland, California

To Whom it may concern:

To the University of California: You are about to trip the wire to global extinction.

Here at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), i have warned you repeatedly to keep ALL internet access free and open to students, faculty, staff and the community without the use of usernames, accounts and passwords. You are now a thin hair's breath away from totally locking down the internet here at UCSC with your recent move to force wifi users to provide mandatory phone numbers and establish user accounts in order to access the world wide web. I am unable to properly continue to do my global environmental work to save what's left of our planet because of your near fascist police state lockdown of the internet here at UC Santa Cruz.

As you well know, phone numbers, accounts, usernames and passwords only set up illegal police state spy and surveillance grids used to track, monitor, record and compile (meta) databases and psychological profiles on any users internet activity. This is illegal NSA domestic spying and has absolutely NO PLACE at any college or university of higher learning in this country. Such activity is a supreme violation of the 4th amendment which protects all US citizens from any unwarranted searches and seizures (of personal and private information).

With "Cruz ID" and forced wifi access accounts, the University of California is locking down its own internet access through direct implosion. There is now only one small sliver of internet freedom left on the mainframes here with the use of a generic username/password system, which i predict, will soon be taken away- hence, tripping the wire to global extinction and completely locking down the entire internet access system here at UCSC. You will have, in effect, only hung yourselves University of California, my Alma Mater.

I AM, undisputedly, University of California's most famous Alumni. I was educated here at UCSC as an environmentalist. Today, i am a global environmentalist seeking to end the supreme threat of Global Climate Change. Here is my proposal for a Global Green New Deal. I was also raised here in the city of Santa Cruz, California, which provided me the foundation for becoming the Messenger of the Covenant. As such, I AM the last day prophet of God -and the SIGN- for this last, evil, wicked and perverted generation before the Judgement: Jonas the Prophet. Therefore, I AM warning the University of California to return a free and open internet access system back to the entire UC system, or the University of California will go down in the history books as having been chiefly responsible for the destruction of human civilization via the global climate change emergency we are now fully engrossed in as a species. Put 2 and 2 together my friends, I AM the line that does NOT get crossed and you are about to formally cross this line- which will lead to this civilzation's complete and utter destruction and extinction in the fullness of time. You will have "locked-in" the ecocide of the entire planet by "locking down" the internet here at UC Santa Cruz. As it stands today, the University of California is the #1 international security threat to human society and a clear and present danger to the state of California, the United States of America and the Planetary Biosphere as a whole.

Technology should be used to help liberate Mankind, not enslave it. This is the core of your problem. You are using technology to control and enslave human beings and information. Educational institutions are the very opposite of police state control, they are bastions of freedom, innovation, creativity and progressive expression. Once you take away the very foundation for a healthy, open, sane and visionary education by locking down access to the plethora of world knowledge and information via the internet, you become the very antithesis of your central core existence and mission in society. You become your own worst enemy, which is rapidly coming to fruition today at UCSC. This breach has unfortunately already happened to our local Santa Cruz Public Library system here which forces patrons to provide state ID in order to access the internet. This public library has also blocked popular/alternative browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox) and is actively -and illegally- censoring certain web sites(such as yandex web and email services). Our local Cabrillo community college here has similiarly locked down its public internet access system with forced usernames, passwords and accounts amidst an array of intrusive spy and surveillance cameras and an overwhemling law enforcement presence on its campus resembling a nazi police state prison instead of an institution of higher learning as it was designed to be. Gone completely and with no sense of restitution are these 2 local and state gone "fascist police state" public and educational institutions. UC Santa Cruz will cease to be the sole bastion of internet freedom left if you do not immediately reverse course now and re-institute and re-enforcea a free and open internet acccess system throughout the entire University of California Santa Cruz campus. Once all 3 educational institutions here in Santa Cruz county are formally "locked down" with regards to access to the world wide web of global knowledge and information access, so too will this formally mark the end of this civilization on Earth. Global Climate Change will take its toll in the coming years and decades, destroy the living biosphere which is the foundation of all life on Earth, and put a final end to the human species. This is where we are at today. This is how close you are to formally tripping the wire to complete global destruction. This is how close we are to extinction. This is how dire the situation is right now in 2019. We are now teetering at the very "tipping point" between survival and planetary apocalypse.

With the SIGN, I weild the sharpest double edged sword in existence. You will choose to build, endorse, support and fund a Global Green World Order for Mankind and end the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex or you will have a global environmental and geopolitical holocaust of your own making in your hands in the immediate years and decades to come. If you continue down the path of business as usual, the projected trajectory of increasingly strenghtening a penopticon of human police state control and surveillance will only usher in the dreaded "Mark of the Beast" of global totalitarian digital enslavement, as well as ensure the eternal damnation of your souls in Hell at the Judgement. (See Revelations 13, New Testamant, Holy Bible)


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Messenger of the Covenant
University of California Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California

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-Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA)
-Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA)
-California Governor Gavin Newsom
-UC Santa Cruz Chancellor
-Congressman Jimmy Panettta (D-CA)
-Congresswoman Anna Eschoo (D-CA)
-Panetta Institute, Monterey, California
-Santa Cruz, California City Council and Board of Supervisors
-Santa Cruz Public Library
-Cabrillo College, Aptos, California
-US Supreme Court, Washington, DC
-City of Oakland, California
-City of Berkeley, California
-City of San Francisco, California
-Various Local, State, National and International Media

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