Saturday, April 27, 2019

UC Santa Cruz Wifi "Lockdown"

Chancellor UC Santa Cruz
and Administration
University of California Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California

To Whom it may concern:

It has come to my attention that ITS (Internet Technology Services) has "locked-down" the University WIFI with forced usernames and passwords in order to access the internet here at UCSC. UCSC needs a FREE and OPEN internet wifi access system. Usernames, passwords and forced phone numbers only set up an ILLEGAL spy and surveillance control grid used by local, state and federal agencies and authorities to track, monitor, record and compile databases on a users internet activity. This kind of fascist police state activity has absolutely NO PLACE at UC Santa Cruz.

Such activity is ILLEGAL and a direct violation of the 4th amendment which protects ALL US citizens against any unreasonable searches and seizures (of personal information). ITS has turned the public wifi system here at UCSC into a fascist police state prison. Institutions of higher learning REQUIRE free, easy and open access to information. Therefore, i am calling for the immediate arrest, prosecution and imprisonment of all ITS administrative personnel responsible for instituting this illegal, fascist, Big Brother, Nazi police state control grid on the UCSC campus. This type of activity cannot and will not be tolerated here.

I will be filing a formal complaint with the UC Administration in Oakland soon, as i have WARNED UCSC in the past NOT to cross this line and to keep ALL internet access FREE and OPEN to ALL students, faculty, staff and community members without the use of accounts, usernames and passwords.

This police state cancer started with the Santa Cruz Public Library which required all patrons to show and have their state ID recorded in order to receive and use a library card in order to access the public internet.. This cancer then metastasized into Cabrillo College which similarly now forces students, faculty, staff and the community to use forced username and password accounts in order to access the internet (along with an ubiquitous campus wide spy and surveillance camera network and an overwhelming police state presence on the campus resembling something out of a Nazi concentration camp). Today, this cancer has spread its tentacles into the UC Santa Cruz campus in the form of Cruz ID and the current "lockdown" of the wifi internet access system. There is now only one small sliver of internet freedom left where patrons can log-on anonymously in order to use the mainframes, which i predict will soon be taken away in the not to distant future, leaving all 3 institutions in complete police state prison lockdown. As i have stated in the past, if this line is crossed, its OVER for this civilization.

In collusionary fashion, we are now a thin hair-breaths away from locking the state of California into total and complete destruction from global climate change in the fullness of time. As goes California, so too will go the nation, the planet and rest of human civilization. This is where we now stand as a species- on the very precipice on extinction- all because of this psychotic desire to control, record, track, monitor and spy upon our fellow human brothers and sisters. This is a CANCER of human consciousness that is at the very root of our current predicament.

For it is PRECISELY the level of consciousness that erects privacy violating spy and surveillance control grids that similarly has propelled human civilization into the global climate change emergency we are now all threatened with here in California and throughout the planet. Were the recent fires of California not enough? What is it going to take? How about an earthquake or a series of earthquakes that rips the bay area in half? How about a tsunami from the Pacific ocean that takes out a good chunk of California's coastline? How about an ocean die-off that kills a large portion of sea life in the Pacific?

Because of this current wifi "lockdown" here at UCSC, i cannot now do the global environmental work that needs to be done to save what's left of this planet and our civilization while i am here. You are, in effect, only hanging yourselves, my friends and my alma mater. UCSC needs to apply full stop brakes on this situation, reverse course 180 degrees and move in the complete opposite direction, which means an END to forced accounts, usernames, and passwords in order to access the internet here at UCSC. We need FREE and OPEN access to the World Wide Web of global information- this is at the very heart of any institution for higher learning and education.

Re-install a FREE and OPEN internet and wifi system here at UCSC and i will refrain from submitting a more detailed complaint/warning to the UC Administation in Oakland, the Governor of California as well as local, state and federal representatives about this most unfortunate situation. Its time to reverse course on this internet lockdown, UC Santa Cruz. My friends, you need to re-prioritize, re-boot, re-orient and help put humanity on a trajectory of freedom, prosperity and SURVIVAL on into the 21st century and beyond. The path UCSC is now treading with regards to locking down internet access will most assuredly lead to our unequivocal extinction as a species- i cannot say it more plainly than that...


UCSC Alumni
UC Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California