Planet Earth is now at the razors edge "tipping point" for runaway global climate change (re: arctic methane meltdown at the north pole- see: Runaway Arctic Methane Meltdown

The survival or extinction of human civilization is now in the balance.

==>Primary Causational Forces:
- The US National Security Agency (NSA), GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) in the UK, Israeli Mossad and the entire global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, all funded, directed and operated by the psychopathically evil, wicked and perverted International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel, headquartered in the CITY of London, UK.

==> Secondary Causational Forces:
- The University of California Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, the Santa Cruz Public Library System and the IT computer/internet access policies instituted thereof to ILLEGALY spy, surveil, track and monitor its users.

As a global environmentalist and a prophet of the Most High God, i am given the responsibility to WARN the human species of the impending DOOM it is now facing with regards to runaway global climate change. As a product of the excellent educational establishment here in Santa Cruz, California USA and as the founder and webmaster of Santa Cruz 350: Santa Cruz 350, it is given to me to use my knowledge, talent, status, authority and prophetic insight to leverage the present dire circumstances on Earth towards either a breakthrough in the creation of a sustainable planetary civilization or a breakdown and consequential extinction of the human species. The means i will use in this task is the computer/internet access policies at 3 of Santa Cruz's public educational institutions: UC Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz Public Library System- both colleges of which i am an Alumni.

Both Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz Public Library System have ALREADY instituted privacy violating username and password protocols in order to access the internet. Cabrillo College is now a fully fledged fascist police state institution complete with an ILLEGAL internet spy and surveillance network, an array of spy and surveillance cameras spread all throughout its campus (resembling a PRISON), and an intrusive and overwhelming police state presence on its campus grounds in the form of a sprawling on-campus police station.

The Santa Cruz Public Library has forced internet users to use privacy violating usernames and passwords in the form of library card numbers linked to one's state ID card which patrons are forced to give up in order to recieve a library card. These library numbers are also being used to print, again violating patron's privacy to a local fascist police state spy and surveillance control grid hell-bent on monitoring, tracking, recording and ILLEGALLY violating the privacy and dignity rights of all Santa Cruz County residents.

UC Santa Cruz is one small step away from a total "lockdown" of its public internet access with a system known as "Cruz ID". Cruz ID forces students, staff and faculty into privacy violating usernames and password protocols and is similiarly requiring those linked ID usernames to printing facilities. This gives IT monitors exact records of what and when material gets printed. For those not using Cruz ID, forced disclosure of bank account ID is required in order to print. UC Santa Cruz is the only educational institution left that allows patrons to "log-in" anonymously, although this small sliver of internet freedom is scheduled to be removed in the near future- which brings me to the CORE message of this final warning to humanity.

As stated previously, we now stand at the razors edge "tipping point" for runaway global climate change with regards to the massive methane meltdown that is now transpiring in the Arctic. The prime causational force responsible for this threat to our survival is the cancerous, diseased, psychotic, negative and evil disposition of human consciousness exibited from those in positions of temporal power and authority in our society. This level of consciousness has created a fascist spy and surveillance police state internet access control grid that has now been instituted at 3 of Santa Cruz's educational institutions. Both Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz Public Library System are now total spy and surveillance fascist police state institutions. UC Santa Cruz, as mentioned previously, is one small step away from total "lockdown" of its public internet access as well. Metaphorically, holographically and metaphysically speaking, this level of devolutionary consciousness has led us to the current impasse in civilization's continuity with regards to runaway global climate change. We now stand at the "tipping point" of life or death for the human species. We are at the very brink right now (as of spring, 2017). In fact, it will be between 2017-2020 where we will witness, for the first time ever, an ice free Arctic.

If UC Santa Cruz goes along with its well laid plans to publically censor and fully "lockdown" its internet access with Cruz ID, the line will be crossed and we will have lost the planet. Once we cross this line, its over. There is no turning back. This is the final warning I am now presenting to humanity.

Thus said, there is another path forward. It is the path of survival for the human species which i am now ordained to present. This option to Save the Planet Save the Planet will REQUIRE the complete dismantling and termination of the ILLEGAL NSA/Homeland Security spy and surveillance fascist police state control grid from UC Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College and the Santa Cruz Public Library System. This will result in an upholding of the internet privacy rights of all students, staff, faculty and public patrons at these institutions. Learning centers are places of creativity, innovation and freedom. Spy and surveillance police state control grids are dialectically opposed and contrarily antithetical to the spirit of free expression found at most colleges and universities throughout the world. These types of psychotic practices and policies have absolutely NO PLACE in any of our institutional libraries and learning labs anywhere, period. Those who build, run, fund, operate and support such human control systems need to be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for their crimes.

At the core of this warning is the complete termination of the military-industrial-intelligence-security complex from which college level spy and surveillance control grids have been spawned. The level of consciousness that creates and sustains war, fear, evil, camera surveillance, forced internet access usernames and passwords, jack booted TSA goons at our airports and GPS/RFID tracking in our clothes and smart phones, must come to a complete and utter end, now. We need a Global Marshall Plan Global Marshall Plan to save what's left of our planet, and we need it right now. We are OUT OF TIME.

This is the choice before us now. We are at the razors edge "tipping point" for runaway global climate change, just as we are now at the "razors edge" of complete public internet access "lockdown" here in Santa Cruz, California with regards to our fine public educational institutions. The point of NO RETURN regarding CO2 content has ALREADY been breached. We are now "locked-in" to a 5-10 fahrenheit increase in global temperatures by 2100. At issue now is the expedition (or expediting) of how how fast this civilizational collapse will progress through runaway arctic methane meltdown releases. Methane is 100 times more powerful in regards to trapping thermal heat in the atmosphere than CO2. We could see temperatures increase into the 15-40 degree fahrenheit range by 2100 if these projections unfold.

If UC Santa Cruz goes ahead with its planned full Cruz ID username/password "lockdown", then we will have crossed the rubicon and will have "locked-in" our path to complete and total civilizational collapse and destruction in the fullness of time. This is how close we are to the end of human civilization on Earth. We need to do an immediate 'about-face', restore internet freedom at our colleges, universities and public libraries by dismantling and removing all internet access username/password/forced ID protocols. We need internet access that is free, open, unrestricted, unrecorded, privacy protected and anonymous (with printing not linked to user ID's and bank accounts). We can step back from the brink now by permanently removing CRUZ ID from the UC Santa Cruz campus. If we make this critical step, we can turn back from the brink, turn the tide and create a sustainable and survivable world civilization. This is the path to life and not death. It can begin here in Santa Cruz, California and spread worldwide as a light beacon to all the peoples and nations of the world. All it takes is a change in human consciousness and a progressive vision of transformation that trumps the devolutionary death spiral vortex we are now collectively spinning into as a species.

Finially, as one who deeply loves California, our progressive educational institutions and the expectation that our wonderful state and its people can lead the world to peace, i am deeply honored to have this opportunity and ordination to present this final warning to humanity to all parties involved. Through me, the hand and the authority of the Most High God in Heaven moves on this Earth. As the messenger of the covenant to this evil, wicked and perverted generation, all i can do is put forth a path to progressive human evolution and survival. It is my hope that cooler heads will prevail and that we will choose the path of righteousness, truth, peace, prosperity and planetary salvation for all Mankind at this very late hour.


Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Messenger of the Covenant
Santa Cruz, California

August 21, 2017

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-Senator Kamuela Harris (D-CA)
-Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA)
-Governor Jerry Brown, State of California
-Congressman Jimmy Panetta (D-CA)
-Congresswoman Anna Eschoo (D-CA)
-Panetta Institute, Monterey California
-Mayor of Santa Cruz, California
-University of California Board of Regents
-Mayor of San Francisco, California
-Major of Berkeley, California