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Civilization in Crisis

"Despite all the achievements of civilization,
the human being is still one of the most vulnerable creatures on earth"

-Vladimir Putin

Civilization in Crisis- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The crisis of human civilization is upon us.

Our civilization is in turmoil, is unsustainable and is beginning to implode and collapse all around us today on many levels.

Global climate change, a self-inflicted wound brought upon us by an "out of control" reliance on fossil fuels is today the #1 international security threat to the planet and its inhabitants.

With 7.9 billion people on Earth (as of 2020), our world is in classic overshoot and thoroughly overpopulated. Overuse and over extraction of available resources- both sustainable and nonsustainable- have reached critical thresholds resulting in overconsumption patterns, massive levels of pollution of our air, water and soil, as well as the desertification and deforestation of vast tracts of land on the biosphere.

Megacities (populations with over 10 million people) have grown in number and in scale all over the planet in the past 20 years and have become bastions of frustration, homelessness, congestion, overcrowding, crime, corruption, urban sprawl, desolation and confusion. Levels of CO2 and methane levels in the atmosphere are at record levels (420 ppm of CO2 in 2020). Such numbers and concentrations of these greenhouse gases have not been seen on Earth for the past 3 million years. We are currently witnessing the greatest holocaust of species on Earth resulting in record amounts of species worldwide being decimated right before our very eyes. We are now in the 6th great mass extinction on Life on Earth.

We have up to 2 trillion US dollars being spent annually on the global military industrial intelligence security complex (of which the USA is the prime contributor), while over 3 billion people worldwide lack basic services and access to food, water, sanitation, health care and shelter just to be able to survive. Such wealth and resource inequalities cannot and will not be maintained nor sustained in the immediate years and decades ahead.

The crisis of civilization is, in essence, a crisis in human consciousness. Our collective failure to evolve to higher levels of consciousness is at the very root of our current human predicament. Unless and until individual and collective human consciousness evolves, we will continue to languish, devolve and descend into the global ecocidal vortex we are now spiraling down into as a species- the trajectory of which will eventually lead to the widescale death, destruction and extermination of human civilization and the biosphere in the fullness of time. Time is what we DO NOT now have.

Already, environmental life support foundations that uphold and maintain life on Earth are beginning to implode and collapse all around us. The threat of global climate change is the most serious threat we face today in this regard. Unprecedented levels of species extinctions, the overextraction and depletion of our natural resources (air, water, soil etc...), an overdependence on the use of fossil fuels and an 'out of control' overpopulation crisis are all coalescing together to form a perfect storm of destabilization, conflict and crisis that will ultimately lead to a complete and utter breakdown of human civilization. The trajectory is crystal clear. We are going right over the cliff if we do not immediately seize the reigns of our own destiny and rapidly work to transit our society into a global green/sustainable world order under the mantle of a collective One World government. In a word: EVERYTHING must change and that includes our current highly destructive global economic system based on infinite growth and exploitation. We live on a finite planet. We need to develop a new international economic development model and services system that serves the high calling of planet management for our species and the biosphere, and we need it now. A global democractic/socialist based political paradigm -perhaps based in the European Union- is the only viable system i foresee that can serve the critical social and environmental platform management needs of our foreseeable future.

In addition to the 6th great mass extinction of species, we are also witnessing the greatest holocaust of human life ever to have occured on Earth today. Every year, at least 40 million innocent men, women and children needlessly perish on this planet from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition (that's over 6 jewish holocausts annually!). With over one half of the world's population in depravation, desperation and despair and a great holocaust of both human and non-human life occuring on Earth in 2020, its simple logic to declare that in the early 21st century all is not well with human civilization on planet Earth.

It will be the decade of the 2020's where the rubber will meet the road- so to speak. In the decade of the 2020's, we will begin to see real shortages of energy, food, water, natural resources and leadership beginning to come to the fore, leading to war, conflict, anger, resentment and serious political disruption in almost every nation on Earth. This will be a time of great crisis, but it will also be a time of great opportunity.

The resolution to the crisis of human civilization REQUIRES a complete, conprehensive and concerted re-booting and re-structuring of the current established world order that is based on priviledge, power, greed, police state surveillance and the exploitation of both people and the natural world. As Greta Thunberg noted in her speech before the European Parliament in April 2019, EVERYTHING must change, that is, EVERYTHING must be overthrown if human civilization and the biosphere are to survive the 21st century. The primary target in this radical planetary paradigm shift must be the complete overthrow and destruction of the overmilitarized nazi police state spy and surveillance penopticon- the global 4th Reich- that has been erected all over the world in our midst since the turn of the millenium. This insidious surveillance control grid has been designed to enslave, control and imprison the masses of people on the planet. Every surveillance camera, every state sponsored police state checkpoint, every biometric/facial recognition scanner, every forced phone number used for illegal NSA identification, spying and tracking purposes, every mandatory background check, every 5G/Nanotech electromagnetic mind control program and every GPS location device built and funded by the International JEWISH Rothschild Banking Cartel to track, monitor and control the populace these past 2-3 decades needs to be absolutely and unequivably CRUSHED out of existence, NEVER to rise again. Unfortunately, i see no other means to accomplish this task than with an EMP strike on the United States, the nation most responsible for constructing, operating and proliferating this fascist global surveillance nazi police state control grid throughout the world. The only way to avoid this tragic scenario, in my opinion, is for the USA to turn from its evil, wicked and perverted ways and get with the global program of Saving the Planet

Irregardless, the verdict is in: the old order must perish and a new global green world order must be erected in its place that respects and upholds personal privacy, human rights, environmental protection and restoration and planetary survival. There is no other option.

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Coachella, California USA

January 7, 2020


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